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Getting at it

Register • Apr 14, 2014 at 1:01 PM

Finally, some warm weather after a somewhat crazy-long cold winter summer is finally around the corner, or is it? There's snow in forecast on Wednesday. 

But nonetheless, it's time to start prepping for summer. It's time to get the wallet out and spend some of your hard-earned money on those lovely things we call boats.

Weekends are when your free time is now spent doing the necessary work and every-year rountines for boat owners. For some it means taking down the shrink wrap off to revel at the beauty underneath, looking around checking out everything to make sure all is OK. For others, like boathouse owners, it could be replacing the dock posts the ice ripped away and other random things the brutal winter damaged. 

It means getting a plan down for the new ideas you my have, like replacing that out dated TV or strereo system.  It means several trips to local marine stores for waxes, cleaners, brushes, bottom paint (we all hate doing the underside), new zincs, maybe new hardware and whatever else you may need. And for some people, like myself with a wooden boat to work on, it mean countless hours and sanding, varnishing, maybe some new wood here and there, screws, caulk ... the list goes ... but it's a labor of love.

Spring is the time of the year I find most exciting. That anxiousness of wanting to hurry and get out and have some fun, make new memories, meet new people and just enjoy the boating life. it's the time of year where you can finally drive with the windows or converitible top down. the bugs aren't out yet and you can bust out the grill, the patio furniture and the fire pit and sit around on a Sunday evening and laugh and share positive moments with friends and family.

It's like the town comes alive again, when neighbors and friends you havent seen all winter are out and doing the same things getting ready for the season. Most everyone is happy and in a good mood.

And this year, the annual Barge Party is back. You'll need to be out early on July 12 to anchor in the front row.

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