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Book on childhood cancer cluster wins Pulitzer

Tom Jackson • Apr 14, 2014 at 5:05 PM

As I write these words, the Pulitzer Prizes for journalism and the arts have just been announced. And one of the winners would likely be of interest to people who are concerned with the Clyde area cancer cluster.

The Pulitzer for nonfiction books went to "Tom's River" by Dan Fagin a book about industrial pollution in New Jersey and how that pollution apparently is linked to a cluster of childhood cancer cases.  I have not read the book, but according to numerous reviewers, it is excellent. The Pulitzer citation says it is "a book that deftly combines investigative reporting and historical research to probe a New Jersey seashore town’s cluster of childhood cancers linked to water and air pollution."

Fagin is an associate professor of journalism and the director of the Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program at New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. He specializes in writing about cancer epidemiology.

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