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Always think HAMP

Register • Apr 9, 2014 at 1:38 PM



Many times over in this column we have told the stories of homeowners struggling to get their monthly mortgage payments lowered in order to save their homes, yet were not allowed to qualify under the most important government mortgage relief program of them all, HAMP. Most often, those homeowners, who we refer to as False HAMP Denial Victims, never were able to “cross the goal line” and gain the relief to which they are legally entitled, even though they have sent in the required documents time and time again. The fact is that over half of our clients are False HAMP Denial Victims. This is truly a national tragedy and disgrace as, if one were to extrapolate Countrywide from our statistical sample of clients, it could be said that millions of American homeowners, nationwide, are False HAMP Denial Victims. 


This being the case, we always consider HAMP as one of our first “go-to” defenses when it comes to figuring out ways to help people save their homes. Although it is indeed unfortunate that banks routinely do not grant homeowners HAMP mortgage relief when in fact they qualify, it is a fact of life. Because of this, it is absolutely essential for struggling homeowners everywhere to have an independent HAMP analysis done. On the average, for those of our clients who turn out to be False HAMP Denial Victims, they save tens of thousands of dollars on their mortgages. So please ask yourself; “What do I have to lose by having a HAMP analysis done?” The answer may just be; “only your home."



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Kate Eyster and Lauren McGookey contributed to this article. 


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