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(Verbascum thapsus)

    Mullein tea is a common folklore remedy for pulmonary conditions, but I use it often for many other situations. Mullein was one of the first herbs that I learned about, but quickly became one of my favorites! It has gone by many different names throughout the centuries; such as, Aaron’s rod, flannel plant, velvet dock, lungwort, shepherd’s staff, or even Cowboy Toilet Paper! It was once used as a lamp wick before cotton was introduced, and became known as the Candlewick plant. Ancient civilizations would dip the dried stalk in suet and light it as a torch, thus becoming named Torches. Mullein also had a reputation of driving away evil spirits in both Europe and Asia. In India, it was believed to guard against evil spirits and magic.(1) In Western Herbalism, it is used mainly for coughs, or other bronchial afflictions due to the mucilage content in this herb. Keep reading, and I will tell you about its many other benefits!

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