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Why is the city fixing potholes the old fashion way?

Register • Apr 1, 2014 at 12:32 PM

There are several modern applications for filling potholes such as infrared, microwave, and a spraying technique. I think the spraying technique is the best application because it doesn’t take a whole lot of steps to fill in a pothole.


The spraying technique is a recycled tire application where a high pressured sprayer is used to clean out and patch the pothole in a matter of seconds. The process takes one person driving a truck operating the hydraulic sprayer as the employee maneuvers the truck through the potholed streets. The truck can be bought, leased, or the city can contract the work out. The application can be applied below 32 degrees year round and the vehicles can drive on the application immediately.


Many times cold patch fails because it is a temporary patch. The same pothole has to be filled in again at a later date with hot asphalt material wasting more money in the process. The old fashion way is not cost effective when the city has to have two to three employees filling in the potholes.


Other cities such as Cleveland and Columbus have been experimenting with the new spraying technique. Cleveland hired a company that specializes in the sprayer technique to fill potholes for $225.00 an hour for 1100 hours of work which came to a total of $247, 500 for the contracted work, as stated on a news channel. It seems expensive but after figuring in the manpower, materials, and having to double back to fill in the potholes, the method would prove cost effective. The sprayer application lasts a long time and keeps the street from deteriorating beyond repair. 


The city might save more money buying the truck and training the city workers on how to use the application. Saving money on the pothole application would probably pay for the truck. There could be all kinds of possibilities of financing such a truck. Maybe, the city could partner up with another entity and share the truck cost or rent the truck out to other entities when the truck is not in use.


The city needs to protect the investment that it has made in our streets; neglecting pothole maintenance is not an option. It pays to look into more efficient ways of doing tasks in half the time with half the people.

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