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Bring some movies here!

Tom Jackson • Mar 25, 2014 at 3:56 PM

Last Friday, my wife and I went to see a German movie, "Adieu Paris," at the ongoing Cleveland Film Festival, which continues through Sunday. We've seen several foreign and indie films at the festival over the years and really enjoyed ourselves.

I noticed that this year, the festival  has expanded to several locations outside of its usual Tower City venue, including Akron, and that it received funding from an Akron sponsor.

Why couldn't we do that here? Perhaps the film festival would agreed to screen movies at the Sandusky State Theatre if a local foundation provided some funding.

For that matter, why couldn't we have a film festival in Sandusky? It would be another way to attract visitors, particularly in the cold weather months when events are needed to bring people to the area's restaurants and hotels. 

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