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Keep Shelby St. boat launch open

Register • Mar 11, 2014 at 7:52 AM

Sandusky’s city commissioners deserve praise for making courageous decisions to balance the city’s budget. A budget crunch left the city $1.1 million in the red before the cuts were made.

Aside from perhaps the cuts that were made to the city’s fire department, the funding reduction that were perhaps the most difficult was the $443,000 cut in the city’s recreation department.

These cuts directly affect the quality of the life for many Sandusky residents and visitors. While it was sad to see the traditional Boo at the Bay Pumpkin Festival on the chopping block, we can understand tough decisions needed to be made.

Another possible cut includes reducing staff at the Shelby Street boat launch, or possibly closing it altogether. This, we believe, would be a mistake considering Sandusky has become a popular boat launch for recreational boaters and many fishing tournaments that have utilized the facility.

It’s bad enough that Paper District Marina has lost $103,000 since its debut and the city is cutting a concert series meant to help support the facility, but to turn our backs on one of the city’s growing attractions could ruin any momentum we’ve created for area boaters in recent years.

We urge commissioners to find a solution to keep the Shelby Street boat ramp open for the summer season.

Reducing public access to our region’s No. 1 natural attraction — Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie — doesn’t make sense, or cents.

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