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Governments are wasting too much of our tax dollars

Register • Mar 11, 2014 at 12:53 PM

The city and the county wastes so much of our tax dollars that the taxpayers are constantly sitting on the sidelines feeling completely helpless over wasted money. Both the city and the county gave out raises knowing full well that both budgets were coming up short. The entities over spent and the taxpayers are asked to make up the difference in a sales tax hike and a campaign to increase taxes, or an increase in property taxes by way of a levy.


It seems when the county nursing home voted for a union, the nursing home started to suffer financially. The county cannot keep withdrawing money from the general fund to support the nursing home’s overruns. Since the union contract is up for renewal, now is the time to get out from under and close down the operation to prevent any further loss. There are plenty of empty nursing home beds in the county that the county can start calling around to find rooms for its clients. 


The union stands strong and it will always have the upper hand over the county by threatening to strike if it doesn’t get its way with the county. The union needs to realize that the county no longer has the money it once had to accomplish what needs to be done. The county raised the sales tax and it still can’t meet its obligations. Government keeps demanding more revenue while wasting existing tax dollars.


It is ridiculous to pay a bonus to employees for showing up for work and on time. If an employee doesn’t want to show up for work, the employee should be fired by the employer for a no show. Too many people are out looking for jobs to tolerate employees not showing up for work.


Ten years of red ink is long enough to try and work with the nursing home to make it profitable. Losing $300,000 to $500,000 every year is simply outrageous and unacceptable. If the nursing home has not made a go of it by now, it never will and it will continue to lose money until the day it shuts down. The lost money could be better spent on other departments within the county that are in need of the money. Taxpayers deserve better accountability and for the entities to use some common sense to know when enough is enough.

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