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Register • Mar 2, 2014 at 4:40 PM

What a winter!

Besides plowing, the business to have been in was mailboxes. At least with the constant new snow, the piles were clean, and represented an authentic look for Great Wolf Lodge’s theme. Congrats to Sawmill Creek, who waited three years to be able to offer skate and snow shoe rentals. It’s been a great winter for waterparks, targeting closer in markets drivable for a night or two away.

Those many snow days when people actually escaped to the mall, skating or indoor activities didn’t hurt business either.

Out at a countryside intersection, it wasn’t tall cornstalks blinding your site, but piles of snow. I had to think ahead and remind myself it won’t be long before this weather will change and we can all enjoy many new activities throughout our region this spring.

•Why go to Africa when you can see a lion, giraffe and tiger in downtown Sandusky? Just opened, the Merry-Go- Round Museum’s new Ups & Downs display showcases antique menagerie animals.

•The Milan Museum’s acclaimed art glass display room will reopen this spring, with stunning pieces in the newly designed, authentically detailed rooms.

•The Maritime Museum will feature a new family event over Memorial Day weekend. Liberty Lived Underground: Historical Lessons from Civil War Times will host a soldier demo camp, trolley tours, and more.

•Cedar Point continues to evolve with family rides, thrills and a 2-year investment into the Hotel Breakers’ charm.

•More cruises on the Goodtime are available so we can enjoy sunsets on the water and lunch cruises on the bay.

•The Liberty Aviation Museum has new offerings of unique historic rides on the water (PT 728) and in the air (Yankee Lady bomber).

With all the continued development in our hospitality businesses, we can enjoy and share the word on all the new dining and spirit stops, hotel creation and improvements, and our pride in having a hometown NASCAR championship team! Get out and enjoy!

P.S. I’m glad my job is not with the Sochi Convention & Visitors Bureau!

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