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Dear Joe Yost: See you in court

Register • Nov 23, 2014 at 11:27 AM

If the allegations against a developer, business man and property owner are true, then he took everyone for a ride

Joe Yost owes more than $1 million in back taxes on properties at the Cold Creek Crossing housing development on the west side of Sandusky, and the new county treasurer, Pam Ferrell, took action earlier this month to file lawsuits in an attempt to collect that money. 


That's a good move, we say, whether it ever results in repayment of the money he allegedly owes in long overdue property taxes. Those funds represent funds owed to the school district, primarily, and Yost should not be allowed to walk away from it without a judgment if it is duly owed by him. 


But children who attend Sandusky public schools aren't the only group Yost and his businesses have hurt.


He owes the city of Sandusky hundreds of thousands in unpaid water bills, money for which he allegedly collected from unsuspecting tenants at the former Hopper's Mobile Home Park at Tiffin Avenue and Venice Road but never paid to the city. 


Some of those tenants also allegedly "bought" titles to mobile homes from Yost, but never received ownership, and all of the residents who lived at Hopper's were forced to move after Yost defaulted in making payment on the water bill. 


Yost faces criminal charges related to the alleged theft of water services from the city, and we're glad he won't be able to walk away from those debts — and the residents he allegedly swindled — without at least a full accounting.

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