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CVS butts out; clears air

Register • Feb 19, 2014 at 7:20 AM

The decision by CVS to stop selling tobacco products stirred a smoke ring of opinions, pro and con. Some people took issue with ‘big business’ acting as nannies taking away adult pleasures.  

Others lauded the efforts to curb smoking in spite of the projected $2 billion loss to the company. Still others figured the second largest pharmacy in the country was pandering to hospitals to garner referrals for prescriptions sales.

Will the action by CVS put a dent in the number of smokers in this country? No.

But, at least those who make their money from the health industry are not dispensing harmful substances in the front of the store while dispensing medicine in the back.

Remember CVS caters to the public, yet, as a private sector business, can run its stores as it sees fit. It’s refreshing to see a large retailer put its principles before its profits.

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