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Downtown Sandusky world class

Register • Feb 17, 2014 at 9:20 AM

Downtown Sandusky was the central business district for the entire county back in the day. But when the Sandusky Plaza on Cleveland Road and the Perkins Plaza opened in the 1950s and early 1960s, the decline in its dominance began. 

By 1975, when the Sandusky Mall opened, the business district was decimated. 


For three decades, it endured a a "nothing can be done" to fix what was ailing the downtown district that helped create a belief among residents there's "nothing to do downtown." 


Today, however, anyone who still has that impression is someone who hasn't visited downtown Sandusky in the last few years.


The successes are numerous: New restaurants from the Zinc Brassiere to the Volsted Bar, Pier 684, J Bistro, Crush, Dockside Cafe, Water Street Grille, Hot Dog Tony's, Mr. Smith's Coffee House, Subway and Mona Pizza. 


Those new businesses join the long-time eateries like Daly's Irish Pub and the Lunch Box. 


The renaissance at the Sandusky State Theatre brings first-class entertainment to the district and serves as the downtown district's cultural and community center, driving people to visit. 


The Jet Express and Good Time ferries are more assets that help create a vibrant downtown business district. The addition of the new city marina at the Chesapeake condos is still another asset that makes it a place to live, work and have fun.


Without a doubt, the resurgence of downtown Sandusky is underway. If you don't believe it, just visit on any day, and see for yourself.

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