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ODNR makes quick work of messy record keeping

Register • Feb 10, 2014 at 7:34 AM

In December, a state inspector general's report alleged 18 wildlife officers were either deer hunting on duty or filing false time sheets.

But less than a month later, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources determined it was all just a misunderstanding. The state wildlife officers weren't hunting while on the clock, they were taking advantage of flexible work schedules.

"We were very pleased with what we found in our investigation and review," said Bethany McCorkle, an ODNR spokeswoman.

Maybe we're too jaded. Maybe we've seen too many serious issues be swept away with shallow explanations that just aren't plausible. Maybe it's just us, but please, McCorkle's explanation for clearing the state employees is pretty lame.

She even acknowledges the hourly sheets and record keeping done by ODNR keeping track of its employees was lax and has been improved since the inspector general's report.

The bigger problem than hunting while on duty, in our opinion, is an agency that allows it to happen because it's mismanaged and then provides a silly explanation to say it didn't happen. This isn't a problem with the employees; it's a problem with the employer.

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