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House Calls

Register • Feb 6, 2014 at 1:39 PM

Several days ago, I had an occasion to do something I never did before – make a house call on a client who, due to health issues and the weather, was unable to make it into our office to talk about her mortgage issues. After hearing about her dilemma, I suggested to her that my assistant and I would come to her home for the meeting. And boy am I glad I did! Ida is a sweet lady who has a nominal mortgage of only $8,000. However, her interest rate was excessive – over 10%, which caused a squeeze on her budget. When she reached out for help a year ago, she was given the bad advice to stop paying on her mortgage.


Because she followed that advice, she ended up receiving a foreclosure Complaint. Fortunately, there is help for Ida. The government mortgage relief program known as HAMP is probably available to her, along with the legal defenses to foreclosure of standing and fraud in the inception of the mortgage. The cold hard reality for Ida is that it would cost her more to rent equivalent space than her current monthly mortgage payment, making it a “no-brainer” for her to fight to save her home. Leaving Ida’s home, I felt very satisfied that we would be able to help her, and fulfilled that the relief she needed was just a house call away.




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Kate Eyster and Lauren McGookey contributed to this article. 


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