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More drama at City Hall

Register • Feb 4, 2014 at 12:25 PM

Sandusky has more drama going on than any other city around us. The city needs to stabilize to the point that it can accomplish something other than putting out fires. Our budget is in crisis mode creating a whole new set of problems that need to be resolved. The upcoming changes are causing more chaos keeping the city from moving ahead. 


It seems the commissioners’ agendas might prove to be too aggressive for the money and staff that the city requires to accomplish its set goals. Will the commissioners push staff to the point of resigning their positions due to the pressure of having over twenty projects on the drawing board? One commissioner wanted to hire an assistant to the engineer to keep up with it all without considering the sacrifices staff has given up to cut expenses. Instead of asking for an assistant to the engineer, how about trying to reduce the projects instead of piling on more projects? Any new projects should be frozen until the work load becomes more manageable for staff.


Three town hall meetings are planned back to back within a month’s time frame. Do the commissioners plan on taking their aggressive agenda on the road to sell us on a tax increase? In the past, we couldn’t even get the commissioners to meet with us for coffee once a month let alone meet with us three times in one month! Are the commissioners pushing things along to meet the deadline for issues to be placed on the May primary ballot? 


One thing we do know is that the present budget will not support moving City Hall, or any kind of development without a tax increase. It is not in the best interest of the taxpayers to increase taxes so more borrowing and spending can continue, especially, when it involves going into more debt in order to move City Hall. The city should be looking at reducing the debt and not looking at how much more they can borrow at a very low interest rate. It is always tempting to borrow with low interest rates, but the city still has to make another loan payment.


Why give the city an increase in taxes to blow through when they can’t responsibly handle the revenue we have already given to them? Sometimes undergoing a correction forces the city to address expenditures that would not have been looked at in the first place.

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