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Register • Feb 3, 2014 at 12:19 PM

 Many of the different ancient medical systems of the world have utilized Barberry, in one form or another, both medicinally and culinary. This would include Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic medicine (TAM), Traditional European medicine, Native American medicine, and others including Western Herbalism. This native plant of Europe, Africa, and Asia has been recorded in use medicinally for more than 2500 years! (1) Modern science has become more intrigued with this thorny plant within the last couple of decades, and they have only confirmed many of the traditional uses; as well as, other possible uses for diabetics, cancer patients, or even those infected with Echinococcis (parasite infection). (2,3) I want to introduce you to the plant once called “Holy Thorn” by the Italians as it was thought to have formed part of the crown of thorns made for the Savior. (4)

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