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Cool (Runnings) Story, Bro

Matt Morgan • Jan 26, 2014 at 1:51 PM

How a shiba inu meme-turned-cryptocurrency helped an underdog.


The Internet is an unforgiving place at times. It is fraught with unfounded opinion, flame wars, and all manner of scum and villainy. It is a gauntlet, a crucible to test the mettle and fact-sorting abilities of those who plumb its depths. However, there are points of light amid the darkness that can do much to rekindle your faith in humanity.


The recipient of this bone-toss is the Jamaican bobsled team which had qualified to compete this year in Sochi. However, their budget was a bit shy at $0 to compete (which you can read more about here). So hearing the cry for help, our faithful friend Doge (pronounced like "doze" with a soft g) came to the rescue. Or rather, the denizens who mine the cryptocurrency (for a local conversation on this new type of money, click hereDogecoins fetched them a tidy sum.


Much win. So generous. Many thanks. Wow.


Whether those who donated were fans of the 1993 family movie Cool Runnings, appreciated some odd sense of irony that tropical islanders would compete in wintry Russia, or genuinely wanted to help - help they did. Plus the exposure for those who mine Dogecoins isn't so bad as it becomes more recognized like the leader of the pack: Bitcoin. Don't be too surprised to see more actions like this. Philanthropy isn't just for hoity-toity-types attending gala balls while wondering what the poor people are doing - you know, the oft-fantasized "1%". More and more we see Internet and pop-culture-based causes.


Crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo is becoming increasingly popular and successful with small and large businesses. In addition we have the Humble Bundle , affiliated with mega game distributor Steam, which supports charities and Indie game developers alike. Video gamers and not just Internet denizens are getting in on it, too, through programs like Extra Life and Child's Play.


This voluntary interaction is amazing to witness and encouraging that civil society yet exists despite the Internet stereotypes. There is opportunity out there for everyone if you are willing to dig it up. Mine your currencies, tell your stories, interact, and enjoy the benefits of a worldwide community of people who generally do want to advance the cause of being a good boy.






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