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Obama’s ‘Lame duck dynasty’

Register • Jan 22, 2014 at 9:20 AM

While seven brave members, and counting, of our military have died during Operation Enduring Freedom so far in 2014, the New Year already has become the same old-same old year in Afghanistan. It’s nice to know that President Obama has had John Kerry negotiating for peace the past three and a half months.

Make that, negotiating for peace just about everywhere but Afghanistan.

According to the Washington Post, Secretary of State Kerry has, as of last Friday, traveled to 39 countries over the last 144 days for 312,927 miles with a total flight time of 678.56 hours.

That’s 340 in-flight movies, or the latest Bill O’Reilly rant.

Just this year alone, Kerry has already been to Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, Paris, Kuwait City, Ireland and Vatican city for a total of 26,000 miles.

So far, the Secretary of Mistake, err, State, has not negotiated a successful peace treaty. That could explain why he wasn’t invited to First Lady Michelle’s 50th birthday bash last Saturday at the White House. I don’t believe Beyonce, Smokey Robison, Magic Johnson, Samuel Jackson and Bo, one of the Obama’s White House dogs missed Mr. Kerry.

Truthfully, about the best chance President Obama had for Secretary Kerry to negotiate for peace was missed when the President failed to send him to the Middle East city of Hoboken.

Hoboken, New Jersey, that is.

Perhaps Secretary Kerry could have peacefully settled the dispute between the Mayor of Hoboken and the Governor of New Jersey as the mayor is claiming that a member of the governor’s administration shook her down for a political favor for a rich developer and threatened to hold back funding Hoboken badly needed after Hurricane Sandy, if the mayor didn’t play along.

Now that would’ve been a nice little start-up peace negotiation for Kerry. Because unlike the Middle East, where thousands could, and have, died from a failed peace treaty, hardly anybody dies from a failed peace treaty in New Jersey.

Hardly. Anybody seen Jimmy Hoffa lately?

With Kerry failing to get even a piece of a peace compromise completed, it’s sort of amazing that today’s scheduled United Nations backed Geneva II Middle East peace conference, all about the Syrian civil war peace efforts, is taking place.

Especially after Kerry, two days ago, told U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to rescind the invitation to Iran, issued only 24 hours earlier citing Iran’s failure to dot its i’s and cross its t’s.

Amazingly Ban Ki-moon agreed. Why? Evidently the U.N. would rather have the U.S. at the table with their Hoboken Middle East expertise than have Iran participate with their actual residency in the Middle East because if these talks are delayed any longer the U.N. would be forced to help the Cleveland Browns find a head coach.

This much-delayed Geneva II will now go ahead today with foreign ministers of more than 30 nations and will continue later in the week with talks between negotiators representing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and representatives of the Syrian opposition.

Without representatives of Iran. Clearly the talks will not be successful without all the key players in attendance. Last time I checked, without getting into all the blah, blah, blahs, you already know, Iran is a key player.

You have to wonder if it has occurred to Secretary Kerry, or President Obama for that matter, what better excuse have they given Iran for retaliating against the U.S. by retaliating against a possible Geneva II treaty.

A treaty they didn’t participate in.

It could be Hoboken all over again.

Of course, John Kerry will not negotiate any peace treaties in Afghanistan for President Obama as during the five years of his presidency al-Qaeda has not only gotten stronger in Afghanistan, but has formed a stronghold across the Middle East.

After five years and two days as president, for anyone to say President Obama couldn’t find a peaceful solution in Afghanistan because he inherited Operation Enduring Freedom from President Bush is like saying President Obama inherited the immigration problem from President Andrew Jackson after the fall of the Alamo.

Fortunately, for the first time in 6,000 years peace will not break out in the Middle East. If it did, they might unite against the United States.

When you think about it, one Middle East country at war with another Middle East country without U.S. involvement could be a win-win for the rest of the world as well as it would, could, and should for the United States.

Is it possible that there is a method to President Obama and John Kerry’s lack of method? Or is it just a continuation of President Obama’s “Lame Duck Dynasty?”

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