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Sandusky gets 'A+' on new start

Register • Jan 20, 2014 at 6:10 AM

In the news business, we are trained observers, and we began noticing years ago how the Huron city government under its city manager, Andy White, laid out plans and executed them.

The acquisition of the ConAgra property along the waterfront and and the planning and execution of that previously, and the plans for the future, were impressive accomplishments that will make Huron a stronger community. 


We also observed the Erie County commissioners — Bill Monaghan and Pat Shenigo — aggressively attack the county's debt and its fiscal crisis with zest and success, and have noted that here in this space. 


It's been encouraging, but we still always hoped to see the same thing happen with the Sandusky City Commission and were disappointed it didn't. 


But that changed this past Monday when the new 2014-15 commission met to get down to work. It was a remarkable marathon session in which there was more public discussion about the important issues the city faces than we have seen in years, combined. 



The election of Dennis Murray Jr., Dick Brady and Naomi Twine has injected a new resolve, we believe, and they and fellow commissioners Wes Poole, Julie Farrar, Keith Grohe and Jeff Smith appear ready to work together in a way we believe has the potential to produce powerful results. 


We say Yay. 

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