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Time to get your dog tags

Tom Jackson • Jan 15, 2014 at 5:48 PM

The folks at the Erie County Dog Pound want to remind dog owners that it's time to buy the annual dog license.

The dog tags cost $18 and are supposed to be purchased by the end of January. 

Buying the tags is required by law, but the dog warden and her deputies point out that getting a tag for your dog makes it much less likely your pet will be lost if your mutt slips away from your yard. The dog pound maintains a database that local law officers can access 24-7. That means if a police officer or deputy finds the dog, the officer can figure out who the dog belongs to and return it. If the dog is taken to the pound, the pound must hold the dog and take care of it for at least 14 days. A dog without a tag can be quickly adopted out. 

The dog pound supports itself from dog tag sales, so buying a tag supports the humane treatment of animals. The dog warden investigates animal cruelty cases and the pound works closely with the Erie County Humane Society, exchanging animals back and forth to help with the adoption process. 

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