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Bound together by a common weather crisis

Kathy Lilje • Jan 9, 2014 at 11:16 AM

So, what have you been talking about this week? Let me guess. Mother Nature has unleashed her little lesson to those of us who complain about the weather all the time.

It’s sort of like when your mom told you, “If you don’t stop crying, I’ll give you something to cry about”

Just for the record, my Mom never actually did anything to me for crying. Her threat was enough to shut me up.

I’m writing this on Monday morning. Everyone I talked to today shared their two cents worth about the weather. As much as I’d prefer sunshine and 75 degrees, there’s something about a snow storm that binds people together.

I have to laugh at how we all seem to be clinging to the dubious glory of having the lowest temperatures, the strongest winds and the most snow. Somehow these weather extremes give us bragging rights if we can come out the worst.

I mentioned it was seven degrees when I came to work. Someone else piped up and said his car thermometer registered five degrees. I lost. The warm weather I had at seven degrees was hardly worth talking about. He had it much, much worse.

The next person who came in didn’t even bother to talk about the actual temperature, he trumped all of us. He brought in the big guns — wind chill. He claimed it was -25F. I sure couldn’t beat that.

Weather crises are an adventure as long as no one is losing his life or home. I recently watched a TV series called “Treme” that took place in New Orleans after Katrina. Now those people had something to cry about. People who live through hurricanes, killing blizzards, earthquakes, tornadoes and the like experience something that forever sticks in their minds.

Some are fearful. Some feel invincible. But everyone is changed by Mother Nature’s wrath.

In the last few days, I heard many people talk about the blizzard of ’78. I remember it and it was impressive, but, come on, it was 35 years ago. Get over it.

If I sound a little grumpy, it’s because I am probably suffering from cabin fever, another symptom of inclement weather. It’s fun for a while to just stay bundled up at home, but it starts wearing thin when I realize I have just checked the weather app on my phone for about the 20th time in a couple hours.

Everyone at my house was checking the forecast from different sources. We have plenty of options — NOAA, Google Weather, The Weather Channel, etc. And they are all telling us slightly different things, so we started arguing about whose source was right. As if it matters. As if we believe them any other time. As if their accuracy levels are ever in the believable range. Instead of looking out the window and seeing what’s going on, we go to our trusty (?) weather sources.

Really? You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

See you next week.

Stay warm.

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