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Herbal Collections - Boneset

Register • Jan 6, 2014 at 11:49 AM

With a name like Boneset, one would first think of an herb with the ability to help set broken bones, and that would be correct! American Indians have long used this herb for setting bones. There are those that would argue that this herb does not set bones (and has never been used for that purpose), but is rather named thus because it has helped with the Dengue Fever (or Bone-Breaking Fever) because of the aching bones associated with this affliction. They are correct that it helps to break the fever and helps to expel the virus, but it was not named for this reason. Simply based on the fact that Native American Indians introduced this native plant to Early Colonists, and the Indian name means “Bone Repair” (Garrett, 2003), I would believe this is the original meaning and reason for the name. Boneset was once a staple in every household and considered a panacea, but has been replaced by modern antibiotics along with aspirin, and no longer used as much. With the widespread overuse of antibiotics, and resistant “Super Bugs”, maybe another look at this “Super Herb” and other herbs similar in activity would be wise indeed.

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