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Edison Bridge open during snowstorm

Jessica Cuffman • Jan 6, 2014 at 12:16 PM

The Edison Bridge does not close for weather. Repeat: The Edison Bridge does not close for weather. It’s not often law enforcement agencies reach out to reporters to clear up rumors. The give and take is usually the other way around.

But with the piles of snow and drifting winds that made the Thomas A. Edison Memorial Bridge from Ottawa to Erie counties quite treacherous last week, the Ohio State Highway Patrol post was inundated with calls from motorists inquiring as to whether the passage was open. “Please pass this along. We are getting numerous phone calls on this rumor,” a dispatcher said in an email to media outlets Thursday.

The bridge closes only if a car crash needs to be cleared — never for weather. And there were no crashes on Thursday.

So, here’s to clearing the air.

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