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New Year Predictions

Ruth Haag • Dec 31, 2013 at 3:00 PM

In the tradition of Andy Rooney on the 60 Minutes show, here are my predictions for front page newspaper articles for 2014:


In January and February there will be much talk about the City of Sandusky’s budget. With much concern about the “carry over.”


In March the City will pass a balanced budget.


Because he declared his candidacy for the governor race too early, giving everyone too much time to look into his background and that of his running mates, in March, Ed Fitzgerald will lose in the primary for the Ohio Governor race.


In May there will be an article that says “there has been more/less rain this spring,, which makes farmer’s planting early/late which will make the harvest more/less and will result in lower prices for farmers this year.


In May there will be flooding, and the local residents will want more ditches dug.


Between July and August, there will be an article about a man who covers his face with honey bees.


The Keller Building will be found to be structurally unstable and will need to come down


In November, the City of Huron will begin work on their budget and will produce a balanced budget. In November, the City of Sandusky will begin to look at their budget for the next year and find that they have a shortfall of about a million dollars just in the General Fund. (Once again they will not discuss the other $40 million budget in the other funds.) They will suggest laying off police and fire personnel, and will think about an income tax, or increasing taxes on Cedar Pont.


In December, the City of Sandusky will declare that they are surprised to discover that they have a larger carryover balance than ever before.


“Black Friday” sales will begin sometime during Halloween, and while the total of sales will be the same as past years, the distribution will be different, spread out over nearly 3 months, thus proving that retailers are now having to work longer hours to produce the same revenues.


Here are my predictions for you individually:


You will lose a sock. (A bow to Andy Rooney)


You will have some ups and downs during 2014 but in the end, you will be thankful that you have experienced another year of life.


Best of luck to everyone in the New Year.


© 2013 by Ruth Haag

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