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Where are y'all from? A quiz tries to figure that out

Tom Jackson • Dec 30, 2013 at 5:34 PM

The New York Times has posted a fascinating quiz which tries to identify part of the country you are from according to which words you use in everyday conservation.

Depending on where you were raised, for example, a sweet, carbonated beverage in a can could be known as a "soda," "pop," "tonic," "soft drink," "lemonade," "cocola," "fizzy drink," "dope," or "coke." In Texas or Oklahoma, the following dialogue is not unheard of: "Would you like a coke?" "Yes." "What kind?" "A Dr. Pepper."

I tried the quiz, which told me that I talk like folks in Spokane, Washington, and Arlington and Fort Worth in Texas. I can't account for Spokane, but saying I speak like folks in the Dallas area is not bad. I lived most of my life in Lawton, Oklahoma, 45 minutes from the Texas border and culturally similar to north Texas.

I asked Melissa Topey, a Sandusky Register reporter who grew up in Bellevue and lived for several years in Detroit, to try the quiz. It linked her to Detroit, Toledo and Grand Rapids, which is pretty good. Andy Ouriel tried it; it said he's from Rochester, Yonkers or Buffalo. He's from Rochester. 

Try the quiz (it's easy and fun, just multiple choice) and tell me in the comments how it did. 


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