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Those boats can really save on fuel costs

Tom Jackson • Dec 23, 2013 at 2:10 PM

I wrote a story recently on why Great Lakes shippers want the Army Corps of Engineers to do more dredging of Lake Erie’s shipping channels, and my piece included a quote from Glen Nekvasil praising the energy efficiency of Great Lakes freighters.


I told readers that according to Nekvasil, vice president of the Lake Carriers Association, the ships get 600 miles per gallon of fuel. 


That would be a pretty special ship.


The actual statistic is that such a freighter can get 607 miles from one gallon for each ton of cargo. That’s still pretty good compared to other forms of transportation, but I mangled the statistic.


One reader called to ask where he could get a 600 mpg boat.


I had to tell him that I couldn’t help.


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