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If you love her, you'll propose with both hands behind your back

Tom Jackson • Dec 22, 2013 at 9:15 PM

I live in Ohio now, but I'm originally from Oklahoma. I noticed some news from my old state this week.

A fellow in Elk City (population about 11,000) was about to propose to his girlfriend when he was interrupted by a police officer who arrested him on a bad checks warrant and handcuffed him. Undaunted, Justin Harrel, 32, asked the officer for just a minute and carried through with his proposal. The policeman obligingly reached into Harrel's pocked to retrieve the engagement ring and hand it to Elaine Rios. 

She accepted, and as you can see from this news report, she's standing by her man. 

Via Duke University professor Michael Munger, who remarks on his blog, "How do we know for sure this is a true Okie girl?  She said...yes!  And, now, ladies, he's taken.  For about 3-5 years, at least."  

This seems like an unkind remark about my female friends back home. Judging from the offense reports I read on police beat, Sandusky ladies are not always particularly choosy, either. At least this guy is interested in marriage. 


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