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Good grades help students keep warm

Alissa Widman Neese • Aug 27, 2014 at 2:41 PM

As temperatures dip almost into the single digits, officials at Townsend Community School are doing their part to ensure students stay warm while also displaying school pride.

The Castalia-based charter school kicked off a new campaign this past month, allowing students to receive a free school sweatshirt if they meet certain academic requirements. They must complete their Ohio Graduation Test, achieve good attendance, meet regularly with their teacher and demonstrate a strong effort to complete subjects and stay on task.

Ultimately, each student’s path to achieving a sweatshirt is a little different — much like each student’s individualized methods of achieving a high school diploma.

For some students, the hoodie might be one of the few warm clothing items they have this winter, Townsend Community School director Pete Bartkowiak said. They’re charcoal gray and display the school’s logo.

“Students who have been receiving them are quite appreciative and very thankful,” Bartkowiak said. “It’s a really positive thing. We ordered 330 sweatshirts to start, but that’s just the beginning.”

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