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Change death certificate

Matt Westerhold • Dec 16, 2013 at 3:38 AM

Sandusky County Coroner John Wukie needs more time. That's what the county's attorney, Dean Henry, told the Register.

“He has not had an opportunity to review the reports from the attorney general,” Henry said. “(The coroner's) investigation is still very much open.”

He has not had the opportunity? … Really?

Nearly 22 months after Jacob Limberios was shot in the head and killed, the coroner who doesn't appear to have investigated much of anything to date, suddenly needs more time to review Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's finding it was an accident?

More time? Really? It's imbecilic, but wait, there's more.

“I haven’t seen anything from the attorney general’s report that suggests anything in error from his original conclusion” Henry said.

Are you blind, man? Are you blind?

An accident is unintentional. Suicide is an intentional, self-inflicted act, according to definitions from the CDC Death Registration Handbook.

Only a lawyer could let those words slip from his mouth and believe them accurate — teasing the language to the point of questioning “what the definition of the word 'is' is?” The good doctor never examined the body, visited the home where Jake was killed or talked with the three people who were with him when it happened.

Henry is the Tiffin attorney appointed by county judges John Dewey and Barbara Ansted as legal counsel to defend the county in a lawsuit filed by Mike and Shannon Limberios. The Limberios family is seeking to force Wukie to correct the death certificate to remove the reference to suicide.

Dean Henry also is the former special criminal prosecutor assigned by the county judges to head up the criminal investigation, after it was already botched-up by Sheriff Kyle Overmyer. Henry was fired from that role, however, by a visiting judge who called out local officials on the obvious conflicts of interest in letting Henry serve as both defense counsel and criminal prosecutor.

It seemed a blatant attempt to “fix things.” It's good it failed.

But Henry remains defense counsel in the lawsuit seeking to change the death certificate, and he picked up right where he left off in June when he was removed as criminal prosecutor, peddling an indefensible defense of the indefensible way the county conducts investigations of Jake's death.

Henry picked it back up right where he died in the road as criminal prosecutor in June, defending Wukie's indefensible “conclusion.” Wukie failed to preform the duties of coroner and his conclusion was wrong — that's documented thoroughly— in DeWine's report that was released weeks ago.

Every command decision made by Sheriff Overmyer was a bad decision, from word go, beginning with the destruction of a lot of physical evidence on the very night Jake was killed.

Attorney Henry and Dr. Wukie might not know the definition of the word “is,” but the meaning is pretty apparent to most. This dynamic duo won't ever be able to reconcile an accident and call it a suicide, and most everyone knows that, too. It's the equivalent of a mathematical impossibility only with words.

That's the drag, now, however, according to Dean Henry, Dr. Wukie needs more time.

The family has deep concerns with problems they see in DeWine's investigation — categorically flawed in critical areas — but the conclusion this was an accident seems to be what most everyone believed from the start, without needing to know who might have been holding the gun when it fired.

Raise the white flag, already. Wukie and Henry need to get real. Give it up. Change the death certificate. Negotiate a settlement and move on.

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