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There is always someone who cares

Register • Dec 18, 2013 at 7:41 PM

If you are ever feeling down and want to harm yourself know there are people that are willing to help.


I myself am willing to talk to anyone who needs it.


Every person is amazing.


Don't think no one cares because ultimately someone does. That someone maybe someone you don't know. It may be someone you've never talked to. You may not know that person's name but that person could be impacted by your story in a way that could change their life.


I recently watched a new five-part YouTube series called Riley Rewind. The title character Riley has the ability to rewind time. The catch is the more she rewinds the worse her health gets. But when she learns of a girl from her high school who commits suicide she continues to rewind to near death to save the girl.


Now in reality there may not be a real life Riley who can continue to go back till the person is saved. But, you as a decent human being can help someone. You can change someone's life for the better. A few nice words and an open invitation to friendship can help someone. You simply talking to someone can literally be the difference between life and death.


And back to anyone who may be considering taking their life or harming themselves. There are a great multitude of people who can help you. If your parents won't listen go to a teacher, a school counselor, a principal. If you are uncomfortable with talking to someone who knows you, if you are afraid of being judged by someone who sees you every day, there are numbers you can call.


People who devote their time to simply talking. You can call these numbers and not feel judged. And before the end of this article I will include all the numbers you can call to get help. But please, I beg of you, don't hurt yourself.


Human beings are beautiful creatures. You as a human are amazing. You may think no one cares but there will always be someone who cares.


Parents: If you believe your child is in need of help please get them help. Suicide and self harm can be helped! If you see anything out of the ordinary talk to your children.


Ask them what is wrong. Ask how their day was, what they learned at school. A small amount of attention can make a kid or teen feel worlds better.


If you wish to contact someone about suicide or self harm here are some telephone numbers of help centers.


Please do not hesitate to call and talk to someone if you need it.


National Suicide Prevention Hotline- 1-800-273-8255


Teen Helpline: 1-800-400-0900


National Youth Crisis Support: 1-800-448-4663


1-800-DONT CUT (1-800-366-8288) National Self Harm Crisis Hotline

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