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Santa’s gonna send out his elves

Angela Wilhelm • Dec 9, 2013 at 12:20 PM

While strolling along at the Sandusky State Theater’s Gift Gala, I ran into Santa Claus. 

You know, the real one who was at the recent tree-lighting ceremony downtown. The jolly old elf, with his cheeks like roses and nose like a cherry, said he liked my photos of him in the paper, but had a worried look in his eye — quite the opposite of his usual twinkle.

“Have you seen Melissa?” he asked, with Mrs. Claus standing by.


I hadn’t seen reporter Melissa Topey, who recently went on the job with Santa spreading Christmas cheer. “If you see her,” he said, so lively and quick, “tell her I need my elf costume back.” Though I had thoughts of us keeping it for a hefty toy ransom, I decided to pass along the message.


So, Melissa: Santa called. He wants his elf costume back.

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