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What's my name?

Register • Dec 4, 2013 at 8:10 PM

Just a few after Thanksgiving leftovers are left. Not the turkey or pumpkin pie leftovers, those are long gone. Burp!

Instead I have some delicious leftovers to digest so I don’t get leftover because sometimes, more often than not, in order to look ahead you have to look back.

So, in the rearview mirror.

To sign or not to sign? That has been the question for quite a few newspapers, including the Sandusky Register, as many are now requiring their readers that comment on stories to sign in with their “real” name instead of the clever CB handles from the 1970s.

The instant interaction for readers to be able to comment on one or all printed stories is one of the greatest things to happen to newspapers since Don Lee learned how to connect the dots.


Yes, there’s always a however.

However, as much as I enjoy the multiple viewpoints commenters give for me to consider, personally I feel they would have more impact if they were signed with the commenters’ real name as they respond to articles, columns and stories written by Tom Jackson, Andy Ouriel, Alissa Widman and Matt Westerhold to name a few of the many who sign their name to what they write.

After all, how valid would you believe a newspaper is if its articles, columns and stories were written by “Paper K9” 24MEnone 4U, Invisibleman or Hoefert?

Wait! That last name is real.

It has to be, it’s the name on my Hawaiian birth certificate.

Predictions from the past, Part I — As I predicted back in August, in these very pages, The Ohio State Buckeyes won all their preseason tackle football games leading up to “The Game”

Then, as I also wrote way back when the grass was green and the skies were blue, they would win against that team from up north, which they did.

That was easy.

With the Big Ten Championship game this Saturday night in Indianapolis against Michigan State, the predicting still remains easy, to the point of plain and simple, as the Buckeyes will plainly and simply win this game.

What I can’t predict is who the Bowl Championship Series will choose to play in their National Championship game Jan. 6, 2014, in Pasadena. But I can predict when the BCS is replaced with a fourteam playoff to conclude the 2014–15 season, cleverly called the College Football Playoff, that NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision fans will not miss the BCS.

Predictions from the past, Part II — My Oct. 16 prediction of the Browns losing all their games from that point on until they won the Jacksonville game — Oops! — brought my record to 8 wins and 4 losses.

I could’ve, would’ve and should’ve been 12 and 0, but as we now know the Browns accidentally won four games. Even with a 4-8 record they still have a better winning percentage than ObamaCare.

With just four wins this season and four games to go, my prediction —and probably yours also — is when the final whistle blows in Pittsburgh four days after Christmas the Browns will still have four wins.

Perhaps the weakest argument for commenters to not sign their real names to their viewpoints is that if their names were known by those who disagreed with them that they might suffer physical harm to themselves or their homes.

Since July 5, 2002, I have written more than 500 viewpoints according to my crapbooks, err, scrapbooks in the attic on just about every topic there is to offer a viewpoint on, and I’m sure I’ve upset enough people to fill Ohio Stadium a few times. But 99.9 percent of us believe the sticks and stones axiom.

Words will never hurt me.

Plus, they don’t mean anything if there is not a real name to reference the comments to.

That explains why George Will, Kathleen Parker and Chuck Hoefert will continue to use their real names instead of Alfred E. Neuman, Pinocchio or Mother Goose.

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