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Honored Marine in honored home

Register • Nov 27, 2013 at 2:00 PM

It's fitting and uplifting that Winfield Finch Sr., 87, was honored during a Veterans Day service this month by the United States Marine Corp.

Finch, a resident of the Ohio Veterans Home, was one of about 13,000 black Marines who fought on the front lines in Europe and battled racism, Jim Crow and segregation at home. 


He was also part of the Civil Rights movement in the military that began in the Civil War, with black soldiers fighting to save the union and preserve emancipation. 


Honoring Finch was personal for him, and brought recognition for his service that is easier to express today than it was in 1944. 


It was also symbolic of the progress that's been made in the civil rights movement, which the U.S. military supported through early integration efforts.  


It is also fitting and proper the Marine Corp. honored Finch at the Ohio Veterans Home, which is observing its 125th anniversary this year since it was established. Every day is Veterans Day at the OVH, and its staff honors the men and women who fought by providing a safe and caring community for them.

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