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And the spending begins

Register • Nov 26, 2013 at 1:03 PM

Entities need to be responsible for the revenues entrusted to them.

The schools and the government entities have passed their levies along with the county’s increase in  sales tax so now is the time to spend the money.  The first things on the entities’ agendas are to give raises out to the employees. Have the taxpayers been duped into believing there was a true need for additional money when raises are the first item of expenditure?

I think it will be difficult for the county to give up the additional sales tax increase, a year from now, since the county has already committed to the pay raises.  We will have to wait and see if the county will be able give up the extra revenue when the time expires.  The casino money is coming in, but there is no sign of the county sharing the money with the other entities.  

Perkins brags they built a new police station and administration building without debt, but it states that it cannot staff the police station because there wasn’t enough money left.  How do you build a new police station and turn around and tell the taxpayers that there is no money to staff it; so now, it will have to ask for a police levy? The taxpayers passed the levy without blinking an eye over the request.  All the entities have to do is tell the public it will eliminate or cut its police and fire and the levies will surely pass. With the new police levy passed, Perkins will be able to free up more general fund money since the police salaries will be coming from the levy fund.

Just recently, one newly elected city commissioner would like to look into making adjustments to the horticulture department.  The city needs to understand how it will cover the cut services without jeopardizing a whole lot of other things, which would cause a domino effect possibly spending more money to cover the lost services.

What impression is the city giving to the people who worked so hard and donated so much money to   the greenhouse only to jeopardize the operations with cuts? How does it make any sense to go after the greenhouse operations when at least $500,000 in grants has been used to remodel the operations?  It is difficult to look the donors in the eye and tell them that the city may dismantle a project that they had invested a great deal of money into.  

The next gracious donation was from Cedar Point for a $50,000 remodel of the Sandusky police station while talks are continually in the forefront of trying to relocate City Hall and the police station.  Are these donations and grants just a waste of money only to be abused by the city?  

Until next time, services are critical to the city. The city needs to think about the ramifications of its actions when cutting the budget through employees.  How about looking at the spending and the debt load instead?  Too many employees have already been cut to the point of jeopardizing the functioning of the city government as a whole.       

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