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Lake Erie algal bloom is history — for 2013

Sandusky Register Staff • Nov 18, 2013 at 6:00 PM

With the coming of winter weather, Lake Erie’s 2013 algal bloom has finished. That’s according to the federal government’s “Lake Erie Harmful Algal Bloom Bulletin,” an email message sent out every week that relies upon satellite images.

The latest issue, sent on Oct. 13, says, “This is the last bulletin of the 2013 season. The bloom in the western basin has subsided. With recent dropping water temperatures the bloom is unlikely to return this year.” The bulletin was interrupted when the government temporarily shut down a few weeks ago.

 — Tom Jackson

Sheriff knows where we live

I was chatting with Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth recently, when somehow we started discussing my roots. I’m a Firelands native, but I tend to leave it broad. I was born at Providence Hospital, raised on Tyler Street and frequented “the Point” countless times each summer.

By the time I hit double digits, we’d moved south, just two houses inside the Erie County line. Now I’m on the outer fringes of Oxford Township, smack dab between Milan, Norwalk and Monroeville — but I graduated from St. Paul High in Norwalk, worked most of my young adult jobs in Sandusky and have family throughout the city and township.

Back to the conversation with Sheriff.

He good-naturedly teased me about my rural locale. I rebuffed, “Hey now, I still live north of the border,” — that is, I still lived in his Erie County domain.

When he connected the dots, he guessed exactly which house on my street was mine. “I think I waved at your dad out mowing the grass the other day,” Sigsworth said. Sure enough, after I confirmed the man he saw was — in my words — “very Italian-looking,” the jig was up.

All right Mom, Dad, Buster—best behavior. The sheriff’s got our address. 

— Courtney Astolfi

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