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President’s photo ops

Register • Nov 11, 2013 at 6:11 PM

Since Commander in Chief Obama laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns 365 days ago during last year’s Veteran Day ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. he has honored the following groups at the White House.

Jan. 28 — The 2012 NBA Champs, Miami Heat. King James takes his talents from South Beach to the South Lawn while President Obama sings “Hail to the LeBron”.

April 15 — 2013 NCCA Football Champs, Alabama. Ohio State had a better record than Alabama last year and judging by the sanctions levied on them, better tattoos.

April 16 — 2012 NASCAR Champ, Brad Keselowski. Vroom! From the “Oval Track” to the “Oval Office.” Yikes! Just what we need, two people in the White House who continually keep turning left.

June 5 — 2013 Super Bowl Champs, Baltimore Ravens, 17 years removed from being removed out of Cleveland.

July 11 — 1963 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champs, Loyola of Chicago. Could this team beat the Cavs? Yes! But it would be a close game. After all, most of the Loyola players are in their 70s.

July 23 — 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champs, Louisville. If Mitt Romney really wanted to get to the White House he should’ve coached the Cardinals.

July 29 — 2012 World Series Champ, San Francisco. To explain this to Cleveland fans, a World Series Championship means your team was the best that year.

July 31 — 2013 NCAA Woman’s Basketball Champs, Connecticut. Pay to play. Except in this case Connecticut paid them, with scholarships.

Aug. 21— 1972 Super Bowl Champs, Miami. During the 1972 season they won more games, 17, than the Browns have had combined going back four seasons from this point.

Nov. 4 — 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Champs, Chicago. Disney’s next big show: “Barack on Ice”.

Since Commander in Chief Obama laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns 365 days ago during last year’s Veterans Day ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., here are the following groups he has not honored at the White House with the same meet and greet South Lawn photo ops given to the above mention groups.

Army Veterans.

Air Force Veterans.

Coast Guard Veterans.

Marine Veterans.

National Guard Veterans.

Navy Veterans.

With 21.2 million veterans to choose from, many who are members of numerous veteran organizations, I have to wonder why President Obama, as Commander in Chief, does not give our veterans the same type of recognition that he affords to members of the entertainment world’s number one industry, sports.

Granted, ever since President Lincoln was photographed by Matthew Brady, U.S. Presidents have all done their fair share of sharing their sport celebrity worship with the nation by extending White House invitations to athletes who have won championships in their respective sports.

Which explains why the only Cleveland pictures in the White House archives are black and white photographs of numbers 22 and 24.

President Grover Cleveland.

With President Obama presently the Commander in Chief of the longest military operation in U.S. history, an operation of war maneuvers where there are now more veterans than soldiers from that operation, it is definitely time for him to pay the same respect he shells out for the athletes he invites to the White House.

Perhaps to better relate to our Veterans in the USA, Commander in Chief Obama should attend today’s 11 a.m. Veterans Day service at the First Presbyterian Church, 265 Jackson St., Sandusky.

Don’t worry about this being a last-minute invitation because I’m sure the National Security Agency informed the President of every item in this column when I emailed it to the Sandusky Register.

Anyway, the NSA could tell President Obama this annual event with perennial Master of Ceremonies Dr. John Waslik, who is also this year’s guest speaker, which includes inspirational military tunes preformed by the Vacationland Band and concludes a block away in the City of Sandusky’s Erie County Veterans Memorial Park where the last refrains of Taps does not end our salute to America’s Veterans.

It continues our salute.

The NSA could confirm that this is the perfect photo op Commander in Chief Obama needs to witness in order to inspire him enough to realize that immediately after whatever champion from the wide, wide world of sports that he invites to the White House to recognize.

He could then recognize our Championship Veterans from AMVETS, the American Legion, the VFW, the Wounded Warrior Project and the many other organizations that our Veterans support to support each other.

If Commander in Chief Obama would do this, he would then understand it would be more than just a photo op.

It would be a memory op.

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