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Garden Sage

Register • Nov 5, 2013 at 1:06 PM

Since we have now entered into the official holiday season, I wanted to discuss other uses for the common culinary spice that instills memories of Thanksgiving get-togethers, and holiday trimmings. Sometimes referred to as Common Sage, Garden Sage, or even Kitchen Sage, this popular herb has more to offer than just a little flavor to the turkey and stuffing.  The Latin name, Salvia, actually means “to heal”.

Sage was once thought to be the “cure all” of many diseases and maladies, and gained quite the reputation as the “go to herb” in many ancient herbals. This prompted the English Proverb, “He that would live for aye (forever), Must eat Sage in May”, or even, “Why should a man die whilst sage grows in his garden?”. Sage was also considered a preservative of health by Italian peasants, and many of the country people would eat the leaves with bread and butter for just that reason. Not only did Sage have medicinal virtues, different ancient civilizations had many magical uses associated with this herb as well. Most of the Salvia varieties were used for purification, longevity, protection, and wisdom.

Go to Mary Colvin's site for more information on sage.

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