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'Fess up and be free

Register • Nov 1, 2013 at 5:00 AM

Vermilion police chief Chris Hartung acknowledged authorship after someone, somehow, got a satirical newsletter circulated in the community. Someone pilfered it from his office, Hartung said, and 'yep,' he wrote it. Satirical. Biting. Offensive?  Maybe. Pretty much. 

Vermilion mayor Eileen Bulan, who was parodied in the newsletter, thought so. She reprimanded Hartung last week. Hartung said he would "take his lumps," owning up to his mistake. 

We're not certain how the newsletter, called "Vermilion Insider," got pilfered from his office or for what purpose it got circulated. We're not even sure, exactly, why Hartung wrote it.

But we do know it was satire, and some people might find it downright funny. Hartung fessed up and the mayor responded. 

All seems to have worked out. 

You can read the newsletter at HERE at sanduskyregister.com. 

Some readers might find some words used in it to be offensive, or vulgar. 

Don't read it then.

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