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To vote, or not to vote. That is the question

Register • Oct 30, 2013 at 12:40 PM

To vote, or not to vote?

On the day before Halloween with only six shopping days until Election Day that is the question.

Treat, vote?


Trick, not to vote?

Could voter turnout turn spooky? It could when you realize that here in the land of the free and home of the brave during last year’s presidential election an estimated 41.8 percent of the voters eligible to vote didn’t.

That’s right. 71,828,022 registered voters along with 41,577,635 non-registered voters, a combined 113,405,657 American citizens did not vote during the presidential election last year.


Actually, when you live in a democracy as we do, and the apathy toward voting, which voting in part is a major part of democracy, is represented by numbers such as those, it is more like…

Boo hoo!

Now all the reasons that one, or in this case, 113 and a half million, could give as an excuse for not voting, no matter how disgruntled they are, from “They’re all crooks,” to “My vote doesn’t count,” are invalid.

Because the best way to show your displeasure about voting is to vote by not voting. Whether in person or by mail just sign your ballot and don’t vote for a single issue or candidate.

That way when the results are tallied the votes that are not on the ballots will speak louder than those who chose to not even choose.

Don’t take the World Cerealiously Cap’n Crunch, Part I — With game six of the World Series resuming tonight in Boston it means that for fans of professional sports, the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA, life is good.


It also means that this is the one and only week of the year when you can watch all five of the top professional sports and see umpires and referees blow calls and make mistakes almost as fast as the Affordable Healthcare website.

At least the ref’s mistakes can be corrected with video replays. After further review, the Affordable Healthcare website needs further review.

Don’t take the World Cerealiously Cap’n Crunch, — Part II. 82 and 0? Nope. Nada and Nein.

But I believe the Cleveland Cavaliers, who begin their season tonight at home against the Brooklyn Nets, will make the NBA’s Eastern Conference playoffs with a 39-43 record.

Yes, that is a losing record, but it’s the NBA where once upon a time the 1985-86 Michael Jordan 30-52 Chicago Bulls made the playoffs with the worst record since the league expanded to eight playoff teams per conference.

Before that the worst team to make the NBA playoffs was the 1952-53 Baltimore Bullets with an outstanding 16-54 record.

Wow! If the Browns really wanted to make the playoffs they would join the NBA.

The truth is when it comes to inventing ways of trying to get more people in the USA to vote, Wile E. Coyote has a better chance of inventing a new way to catch the Roadrunner than the election board has of catching voters by using the ACME trap door ballot booth.

Enticing new voters to register is difficult because if they wanted to vote they would have already been registered. Punishing voters who don’t vote by making them re-register more than likely wouldn’t be a punishment but a reward as they more than likely wouldn’t re-register.

Perhaps to instill pride in voters so they can take pride in voting it might be time to move Election Day, the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, to the eleventh day of the month, Veterans Day.

This could be the best way there is to honor our veterans — by voting.

Please don’t attempt to claim combining Election Day with Veterans Day will take away from people acknowledging the valiant service given to our country by our veterans. If anything it will enhance the recognition they are due.

Make that, overdue.

The only problem is I don’t believe Congress would be able to cease fire long enough during their partisan Hatfield and McCoy feud to even respect the work of our veterans by coordinating Election Day and Veterans Day in order to give our veterans the nationwide admiration they deserve.

So, during this season of the witch when 41.8 percent or more of the voters eligible to vote, don’t.

That’s when you’ll know the answer to the question.

To vote, or not to vote?

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