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Elections are a community of partners

Register • Oct 28, 2013 at 9:53 AM

 It is a community effort to have elections. 

Dozens of residents petitioned their fellow citizens to be on the ballot in dozens of races across the five-county region. That is the very core of our system and we commend every candidate in every race for stepping up and finding their voices. Without you nothing good can happen. 

Hundreds of volunteers work for school tax levies, city and township issues and at the polls the on Election Day. 

Thousands register to vote, and do. 

In this campaign season many groups provided forums for dialogue with public forums — the NAACP, The League of Women Voters and others — that were well-received and propelled the community conversation forward. 

The Register series "Debate Thursdays" gathered the largest audiences ever — on location and live at sanduskyregister.com — over audience numbers for debate forums in past years.

The Sandusky Schools, BGSU FIrelands College, Chet & Matt's, Village Pizza House LLC in Castalia, the Sandusky State Theatre, the Huron Library, the Huron Chamber of Commerce all proved phenomenal community partners, assisting at every step in the preparations and production of the five Thursday debates. 

The Sandusky High School classes of 2014 and 2015, especially, represented the intense interest in and importance of our elections, right down to its center, here at home in local races. About 140 students attended the first Sandusky City Commission debate Sept. 26, asking questions of the seven candidates for more than 90 minutes, going past the bell. It was a remarkable display of good teen citizenship. The candidates all were responsive and impressed, too. 

For voters who have not made up their minds, demand viewing of the Huron school board debate, the Margaretta and Perkins school district board debates and Sandusky city commission debates is available at sandustyregister.com/decision-2013.  

The Register strives to provide the best information and broadest election coverage across the region. The response from officials, candidates, residents, voters, teenagers and interested others has shown elections are a community of partners who all want to work together for the betterment of all. It's an honor and it's humbling to work with such a fine group./30


*Demand viewing: Cleick HERE to watch the Huron school board, Margaretta and Perkins school district board race debates and Sandusky city commission debates.

*Watch the Perkins Township trustee debate live, as it happens, at 7 p.m. Tuesday at sanduskyregister.com with incumbents Tim Coleman and Mike Printy and challenger Jim Lang. The chatroom will be open and viewers are encouraged to share their questions.

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