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The Life Ring

Register • Oct 24, 2013 at 1:23 PM

Sam’s Story

    It seems that we are surrounded by hypocrisy and cynicism in every facet of our lives these days.  In this column, we have often railed about how our own government has turned its back on us, the American people, in our fight to save our homes, our jobs, our very way of life.  More than ever before in our lifetimes we need someone to extend a helping hand, give us just a little support to help us through turbulent times.  Unfortunately however, when we need help the most these days, we are least likely to get it.  This being a sad fact of life today, you must be aware of any potential life ring in nearby waters which may make the difference between staying afloat on your mortgage and saving your home, or drowning and losing it to foreclosure.

    Sam’s story is a prime example of the need for such an awareness.  Sam came into our office a week ago, having just found out that his home was up for Sheriff’s sale in a couple of weeks.  Even though the foreclosure case against him was several years old, he had no knowledge of it and therefore took no steps to remediate the situation.  However, despite being in the eleventh hour of his fight to save his home, a life ring was available for Sam.  That life ring is in the form of the federal government mortgage relief program known as HAMP.  Based on his income and his mortgage expense, it is clear that Sam qualifies for HAMP relief.  All he needs to do is reach out and grab it to avoid going under.

    We are in the process of asking the court to stay the sale of Sam’s home in order to allow him to submit all the necessary documents to be considered for HAMP mortgage relief, and are extremely confident it will do so.  Then we will submit those documents on Sam’s behalf to get him qualified.  That will allow him to stay in his home.  Fortunately, Sam was able to find his life ring.  Do you have one floating nearby?


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