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Janesville worker expresses himself

Register • Oct 24, 2013 at 5:00 AM

We have to tip our hats to Kevin Fenwick, an 18-year employee at Janesville Acoustics, an auto industry supplier in Norwalk that plans to close by year's end and move operations out of state. Fenwick, and some other employees are staying on the job but wanted to send General Motors a message by wearing patch at work with the GM logo and a red circle slash around it. 

He and other soon-to-be unemployed Janesville employees believe GM put pressure on the company to pull up stakes. 

The patches were banned, but Fenwick found a way to express his frustration by parking a car on the public street in front of the factory with an even bigger "No" to GM sign on it. Factory management called police and the officer who responded quickly determined the car was parked legally and the sign wasn't a problem either. 

Fenwick's frustration with GM is understandable. About 290 workers at Janesville will be out of a job. Employees at KBI, and retirees from there and its predecessors, New Departure and Delphi, also have expressed frustration with GM, suggesting the automaker is stifling opportunities for KBI to get new work orders. 

Janesville management has asked employees to remain loyal during the transition, and we're glad Fenwick and other workers are finding a way to do that while still exercising their First Amendment rights. 

We're disappointed with GM and the decision, too, and hope for the best for every family this is impacting, but it's good these employees were able to get their message out. 


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