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Watch Huron; do that

Register • Oct 23, 2013 at 5:00 AM

"Getting things done" was the headline last week over a story about the city of Huron, the Huron Council and city manager Andy White re-inventing the lakefront community. 

The Lake Shore Electric Railway trail, a 1.25-mile bike and walking path that runs parallel to Route 6 near Woodland Intermediate School developed through a partnership with Huron Township is finished. 

The widening of Rye Beach Road at Cleveland Road for improved traffic flow also was completed. 

And the Pathway at the former ConaAgra site, and other improvements got done, too. 

White and Council have worked diligently and cooperatively for years now developing a master plan for the city, and implementing change, step by step. It's the kind of progress any community in our area would be proud to claim, and we hope other local governments are paying attention. 

The regions would be better served if more communities could seek to attain the same kind of internal cooperation and outreach across governments and agencies that was needed for the achievements already realized and the promise of more in the future. 

Local governments and the region as a whole would do well to watch how it gets done in Huron and emulate those practices.


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