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I flunk Dennis Murray's IQ test

Tom Jackson • Oct 15, 2013 at 5:40 PM

As you drive around town, you've probably noticed Dennis Murray Jr.'s campaign signs for his race for the city commission, featuring the number "2018" prominently displayed. 

Like everyone else, I could not figure out what the number meant until the Register ran an item explaining that 2018 will be the 200th anniversary of the founding of Sandusky, and Murray wants people to start thinking about the gala celebration. No doubt Sandusky schoolchildren recognized 1818 as an important date, just like 1492 or 1776.

As the Sandusky history blog reveals, Sandusky greeted the 150th anniversary of the city's founding with a gala Sesquicentennial celebration in 1968, featuring a parade, an official seal and even a Sandusky Area Sesquicentennial Queen, Mrs. Francine Sengstock (pictured).

The celebration was marred by a tragic incident; one woman was killed and another badly injured when a fireworks accident sent pieces of flying metal through a crowd at Strobel field.

Here's another Sandusky history blog posting, showing how the original 1818 plat for Sandusky created an oddball street design that replicates the symbol used by Freemasons. 

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