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Stop being so darn rude

Register • Oct 14, 2013 at 2:00 PM

What's wrong with the city of Sandusky's organizational chart? 

There's no organization to it. 


What's wrong with an organizational chart that has no organization? 


Nothing gets done. Nobody can be held accountable. There's always an out, a misunderstanding, or an excuse.  


The latest non-response from the city to an inquiry from the public involves the Fraternal Order of Police and its February 2012 request that the city name the new west end overpass in honor of fallen Sandusky police officer Andrew Dunn. 


We're not endorsing the request, nor are we rejecting it. That's not ours to decide. It might not even be a decision for the city to make. 


But this request, like too many before, went unanswered. The FOP deserved a response from the city. It's just plain rude not to reply.


A request from the NAACP in early 2012 never got a response from the city. 


The inquiry from Erie County commissioners about opening a dialogue about the potential of moving City Hall administrative offices to the County Administration Building downtown never got a response. For all anyone knows city officials never even opened the envelope in which the inquiry was mailed. 


City commission's audit and finance committee — a group of dedicated and professional volunteers — schedules a meeting to review the city's tenuous budget and the city manager is a no-show, without even as much  phone call to them saying she would not attend. 


We won't even mention all the unanswered inquiries from the Register; there are too may to list.


We're not blaming city commissioners for not responding to these inquiries, but we do think they should stop condoning the rudeness. 


Get your house in order, we say, and stop accepting the excuses and start demanding accountability from the city's administrator. 


In the end, residents are at the top of the city's organizational chart and we deserve better. 




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