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Now you see it, now you don’t

Sandusky Register Staff • Oct 14, 2013 at 1:50 PM

Often, as reporters, we’ll request video from jail incidents, store thefts and car chases.

So when a 60-year-old woman led Ottawa County deputies on a slow pursuit from Ohio 2, stopped only when a deputy pulled in front of her as she exited onto the Ohio 163 ramp and her vehicle stopped after hitting his cruiser, we made the standard request.

Two Ottawa County cruisers have dash cams. But, well, they’re only useful if they work. Sgt. Kent Davis had caught most of the incident on his camera. But when another sheriff’s office employee attempted to copy the video from a disc, outdated technology, the system malfunctioned and deleted itself, Sheriff Steve Levorchick said.

It wasn’t anything the technician did — the machines just don’t work properly anymore with the outdated system, he said. Levorchick plans to update and purchase new dash cams for cruisers out of future Furtherance of Justice funds, a discretionary allowance allocated each year for county sheriffs and prosecutors to use as they see fit.

Seems like an excellent idea to me.

— Jessica Cuffman

Sue Daugherty shares tips for packing light

When I was at Cleveland Hopkins Airport the other day I ran into Sue Daugherty, the executive director for Serving Our Seniors, and we chatted about the airlines’ habit of charging extra fees for luggage.

Daugherty shared her system for traveling light. She packs only a bare minimum of clothing in her carry-on bag. At her destination, she goes to the Goodwill Store to buy clothing for her visit. When she returns, she gets rid of her temporary clothing, reserving the right to bring any outfit she really likes back to Sandusky.

Read the Serving Our Seniors weekly blog by clicking HERE

— Tom Jackson 

Keeping time for the candidates

Throughout October, the Register has been — and will continue — hosting political debates for local races this fall.

My editors have recruited me, when I’m not reporting, to help out with the debates.

While Register managing editor Matt Westerhold moderates, I’ve been timing the candidates, alerting them how much time have left when responding to questions. It’s actually quite fun.

Once they’ve exhausted their time, I get to ring a bell, abruptly cutting off elected officials and candidates when their answer drags out.

They have to respect the bell, for fear of abusing the time limits.

Ding! Time’s up.

— Andy Ouriel

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