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VIDEO: Stahl, Nickles on BTL

Matt Westerhold • Oct 11, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Former Sandusky ex officio Mayor Craig Stahl and the city’s finance committee chairman, Allen Nickles, are the guests at noon Friday on “Between the Lines Live” here at sanduskyregister.com.

Stahl and Nickles will represent the Erie County Business Political Action Committee (PAC), the area’s only nonpartisan organization whose mission is to champion local pro-business political candidates. The PAC carefully evaluates candidates and supports those the committee believes will best serve and help grow the community through economic development, job creation and retention.

“Since its inception, the PAC has supported an equal number of Democrat and Republican candidates,” said Stahl, who like Nickles is a local business owner.

Stahl and Nickles will announce the PAC’s endorsements for Sandusky city commission during the program. They’ll also take questions from the audience in the interactive chatroom.

Watch the program in the player below

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