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AG has some explaining to do

Register • Oct 4, 2013 at 9:04 AM

Desi Arnez's character, Ricky Ricardo, bellowed the phrase every time he discovered his wife Lucy's latest scheme. 

We're not sure it was a scheme at the Ohio Attorney General's office, and at the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation that it operates, but it appears possible and even probable, it was bungled, at minimum, and puts a taint on the AG's investigation of the killing of Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012. 

A half-dozen polygraphists — experts in the field of lie detection — dismissed the findings of lie detector tests administered to two witnesses by the BCI in June 2012, a year before the AG's office took full control over the investigation. 

The BCI tests found the witnesses likely were being truthful, but the experts say the methodology and programming used for the tests renders the results useless, a coin toss. The AG office's suggested lie detector tests cannot be used in court, and therefore don't otherwise matter to the investigation. But that is a total cop out, an excuse used to avoid the difficult questions false tests by the BCI presents.

And the witnesses both were guests on the "Dr. Phil" program, at which time they agreed to take lie detector tests again.  

The BCI polygraphs were used as a tool during the initial stages of the local investigations to dissuade Mike and Shannon Limberios from pushing for answers about their son's death. If the challenge from experts to the validity of the BCI tests proves accurate, then how did it happen that investigators provided inaccurate and misleading information, why did it happen and what corrective actions will there be to assure it doesn't happen again?

And if the "Dr. Phil" tests results suggest deception, what then?

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine will have to answer those questions and others. 

His investigators, assistant attorneys general Matt Donahue and Marianne Hemmeter also will have to answer the questions they've been dodging, making sure their investigation includes interviewing each and every witness with any potential to provide any useful information. 

Every witness, even the ones who make guest appearances on the "Dr. Phil" program. 

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