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Arguing before Ohio Supreme Court is not for faint of heart

Sandusky Register Staff • Oct 1, 2013 at 11:20 AM

There’s a lot of pressure to perform well when you’re in front of a judge in court. But that pressure reaches a whole other level when you reach the Ohio Supreme Court. Interviewing Sandusky attorney Geoff Oglesby about one of his cases he argued there earlier this year, he recounted some of that pressure.

“My opponent at the time got so frustrated, he actually fainted,” Oglesby said. “He had gotten so exasperated, he had fainted in court.”

It was a tense case — ultimately Oglesby and his client came out on top after the Supreme Court issued its opinion dismissing the case this week.

Oglesby fought the good fight, but when he saw his opponent fainting, he also got up and caught him to stop him from falling, he said.

You can see the argument for yourself online at the Supreme Court website, but don’t expect too much excitement — they edited out the fainting.

— Jessica Cuffman

Skull: Legendary ‘old woman’ of creek?
Last week, I spoke with Ted Machock, a man who discovered a likely Native American skull at Old Woman Creek in 1951. Machock hung onto the artifact for years and learned about its origins, as well as the origins of the creek itself.

Machock believed the remains he found might belong to the creek’s namesake. He recounted the local legend he heard as a child when he returned the skull last week:

“The version extant when I was young in this area was that the lovers were from different tribes and thus their relationship verboten. Naturally, they went forward anyway, got some shaman’s blessing and set up housekeeping. The girl’s mother, shamed and infuriated by their actions, naturally blamed the man and, in some manner, dispatched him to the Great Spirit.The man’s tribe or relatives demanded ‘blood for blood’ and the other chief, who wanted to keep the peace and never really liked the old lady anyway, caved, had her executed and dumped in a hole on the local creek’s bank. Her story was retold and the stream picked up the name of “Old Woman.”

— Courtney Astolfi

Brady reveals challenger’s advantage
The seven Sandusky city commission candidates participating in a Register-sponsored debate Thursday at Sandusky High School seemed pretty cordial to one another. But there was one racy comment made, between two friends.

When asked how he would improve the relationship between Sandusky Schools and the local government, Dick Brady said his challenger and friend, Dennis Murray Jr., would have an easier time doing so. Why, you ask? Well, Brady, in jest, said it would be easier for Murray to fix a severed bond between both entities since Murray is “sleeping” with a school board member.

Murray’s wife, Martha, is one of five school board members. The entire audience burst out in laughter. Brady, who’s friends with Murray, apologized to him for the comment afterward.

— Andy Ouriel

Watch the debate in the player below

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