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Haunted Hydro returns

Tom Jackson • Sep 29, 2013 at 9:02 PM

Maybe I will never grow up, no matter how old I get, but I love haunted houses. So when I was invited to the news media "sneak preview" of the Haunted Hydro on Saturday, I went. 

The venerable Fremont  attraction — older than HalloWeekends — returns Oct. 4 for its 24th season. The "dark attraction park" will be open weekends all through October, and also on Halloween; details here.

I took a tour of the main attraction during a "sneak preview" on Saturday night. I was in a group of three that included "Zman" from the Wolf radio station and his wife, Dani. "Crazy Bob" Turner, the co-owner, gallantly made Mrs. Zman go in the entrance alone, ahead of the two men.

The couple told me afterward they were impressed. "We were here last year," Zman told me. "It is totally different from last year."

I liked it, too. It had some touches that I hadn't seen before in a haunted house, but I'm not going to give them away here.

Hydro co-owner Beth Turner, gazing as me with unsettling, oddly-colored contact lenses as we talked, confirmed that the Hydro has been completely revamped. 

One of the staffers, Cassie Wargo, gave me a tour of the attraction's museum, pointing out the photograph that Alice Cooper autographed when he dropped by in 2000.

What's your favorite haunted house? Which one should I make an effort to see? 

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